Color Me Winter

March 4, 2010 at 7:34 am Leave a comment

Sitting here in the light of the pre-dawn morning, only the contrast of black ink on white paper is visible.  The snow and air are blue and there is a waning moon with frosty edges just touching the trees.  This has been a rare sighting this winter.  Last night’s orange and purple sunset was enough to make me stop my car mid-road and take a picture. 

Our southern cousin La Nina brought us weeks of snow showers with only the occasional day of sunshine, so I have missed the blinding sparkle of sun on snow, and the purple and blue shadowed snow at sunset. 

Thank goodness for the artists who can see the green in the sky as the blue of the day gives way to the yellow and orange in the evening.  They know snow is a superior canvas as any bought in an art shop, with its ridges and valleys, its sheen, its angles, the light bouncing from each individual crystal.

The sun is up now, the birds are attacking the feeder and work beckons.  While I have diligently hung on to taking Snow Days since Kindergarten, I may need to rethink this and consider taking Sun Days, too.   But not today.


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