Up in the Adirondacks…

February 6, 2010 at 4:53 pm Leave a comment

Up in the Adirondacks in front of a fire…waiting to head out to nose freezing weather for a little snow shoeing.   I haven’t been out in too many Adirondack winters yet, and I’m slowly getting my wardrobe established.  I was surprised at how many different clothing needs I had to face Upstate NY winters.  Dry cold, wet cold, slick-as-snot frozen mud cold, cold dank rain, refreshing just blown in from the ocean like in Seattle rain, so many options!  I read recently that women’s affection for shopping was linked to our ancient foraging past, the root of our survival.  Obviously some of us have more survival needs than others.  So the winter shopping is part of survival, being comfortable outside for once.  I got to lay out in the snow recently with my favorite 5 year old, a light snow coming down tickling my face, a multitude of snow angels decorating the yard.  It was a revelation to do all that and be comfortable.  I think I’ll do more of it.


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